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 Rud Ward   MA, LL B, LL M

Grammar Pirate A


It can be very difficult, exhausting, and time-consuming to proof-read and edit your own thesis.  Editing can only be done properly if there is objectivity and distance from the work, to avoid “error blindness” caused by your familiarity with it.  It’s usually just about the last thing you want to do, after all those years of researching and writing!



You’ve written a brilliant thesis, but your supervisor isn’t happy with some aspects.


Or you think it could be expressed more logically and clearly, but don’t know how.


Or you’re not confident about your English grammar &/or vocabulary.


I offer a unique friendly personalised thesis-editing service for students in New Zealand, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. 


I am a highly skilled and experienced professional editor based in New Zealand, who will promptly and rigorously proofread and edit your thesis.


Let me do justice to your years of hard work.


Note: I’m also happy to edit academic books or papers



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