Basic Fee Structure


Standard Charges

(New Zealand GST not charged)

payable in advance


An invoice and payment method will be provided on acceptance of my quote


Word Count

Prices in $NZ

Up to 5,000 words $300
5,001–7,500 words $450
7,501–10,000 words $600
10,001–15,000 words $750
15,001–20,000 words $900
20,001–25,000 words $1050
25,001–30,000 words $1200
30,001–35,000 words $1350
35,001–40,000 words $1500
40,001–45,000 words $1650
45,001–50,000 words $1800
50,001 and above Request a quote


Quotes for urgent work, very complex theses, or for authors with English as a Second Language may be more than this.


Re-editing charges: by quote on request.



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It’s worth remembering the old English proverb “Don’t spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar”.  See Google 1 and  Google 2 –  i.e. don’t ruin your wonderful thesis by scrimping on the cost of professional editing.  It’s a very small percentage of what all those years of hard work on your education have cost you.