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     Various suggestions for possible steps in writing a thesis – take your pick: Suggestions


     Common style guides:


     Some useful general guidelines on thesis writing from two American universities: and


     Good advice from Times Higher Education, U.K.:


     Supportive article by a doctoral candidate:  Ph.D. Loneliness


     Auckland University policy on using professional editors:  Auckland Editing Policy. And for Victoria University of Wellington:  VUW Editing Policy


     Procrastination – the curse of thesis (indeed all) writers:

and Research on avoiding procrastination


     Tips on how to write painlessly and productively:  Easier Writing


     About the great Charles Darwin’s special genius at presenting and defending his ideas, and what it teaches us about the art of dealing with criticism:  Darwin’s technique for pre-empting criticism


      Basic grammar rules:  Grammar (but note that this refers to the American way of using words such as Capitalize and Pluralize; that is standard in Microsoft Word, but the useage in British English is generally “ise” in such words)


     Top 5 Most Frustrating Writing Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them):  Writing Mistakes  (Also explore the “Next” button on this very useful “Grammarly” blog)


     A good Time article about grammar “rules” and elegant writing, based on an excellent recent book by famous psycholinguist Steven Pinker, The Sense of Style: the Thinking Person’s Guide to writing in the 21st Century:  Style & GrammarSee also:  Pinker.  As Pinker’s 6th writing tip says, It’s all in the editing. That’s where I come in!

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